AromaGem Chakra Pillow Set (7)

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Warm/Cold Compress Pillows Filled w/Flax Seed, Crystal Chips, Essential Oils-Set of 7

Great for placing on the body to lie stones on and hold them in place or for decreasing tension from mild aches and pains. Use with clients and for yourself


Each pillow is handmade approximately 5" x 5", weighing approx. 5.5 oz, then filled with organic flax seed and corresponding gem chips as well as an essential oil for desired results. Pop them into the microwave for 15-20 secs for a warm compress or set in the freezer for a soft cold compress.

Individual colors and descriptions:

Red: Grounding and Relaxation, Oil-Patchouli, Gem Chips-Red Jasper
Orange: Stimulate Creativity, Oil-Wild Orange, Gem Chips-Carnelian
Yellow: Open Blocked Emotions, Oil-Lemon, Gem Chips-Tiger's Eye
Green: Give/Receive Love, Oil-Bergamot, Gem Chips-Rose Quartz
Blue: Enhance Communication, Oil-Clarysage, Gem Chips-Sodalite
Purple: Awareness/Intuition, Oil-Rosemary, Gem Chips-Amethyst
Rainbow: Consciousness/Spirituality, Oil-Lavender, Gem Chips-Clear Quartz

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*Patterns may vary due to availability of materials

**Large Stones not included with pillows