โ€œI did a crystal healing therapy session with Victoria Roybal, and I'm glad I did. She was very welcoming and friendly, nothing about it was sketchy. I could tell she cares about her work and wants to help people. During the session I was surrounded by serene feelings and thoughts, and answers to some of my questions. The crystals near me, I felt them. I felt their presence and allowed their energy to come to me. After the session, I was still flooded with reassuring thoughts and no self-doubt. I wasn't so worried or upset or on edge as I was going into the session. I felt instead the feeling you get when you step out of the shower and your skin feels pure and soft. It was a beautiful experience and I plan to keep doing it more, because I can tell it will really assist me in allowing myself to heal. I was open and allowed all the energy and vibrance into me and after all I felt a lot better.โ€
Nicole K. Loveland, CO

โ€œIโ€™ve worked with Victoria Roybal through her coaching program to help me find focus and reconnect to my passions in creativity. Her program is wonderful. After an in-depth session, she helps you to find simple solutions, keeps you motivated, and gently encourages your progress with regular check ins. I highly recommend Victoriaโ€™s coaching program to anyone who is looking for some clarity in their personal lives.โ€
Christine T. Fort Collins, CO

โ€œVictoria is an AMAZING coach. She has such a special gift and has helped me gain so much clarity in my life...it's evident she was born to do this. You will never go wrong working with her, she truly cares about helping you and you will always walk away from a session with her feeling empowered, loved and strengthened. I cannot recommend her enough!โ€
Kendyl D. Milliken, CO

โ€œMy distance healing sessions with Victoria have provided tremendous benefit to myself and my energetic body. It has been transformative. The distance healing sessions with Victoria have been as beneficial as the in-person session I had with her. I had my share of skepticismโ€ฆ but that dissipated after our first distance healing session, because it worked. I have experienced healing that is measurable in my day-to-day wellness. In particular, my ability to forgive myself and others, open my heart, and trust my instincts. All of these โ€œthingsโ€ are essential to my ability to be a good parent to my son, and to finding my way forward after a difficult divorce. Victoria is a loving, powerful conduit for healing and I cannot recommend her work, energy and caring enough to equal the healing relief she has provided me.โ€
Jessica S. Loveland, CO

โ€œAs a crystal healer myself, I'm particular about whom I let work on me. My distance healing session with Victoria was incredibly valuable and powerful. I could feel her amazing supportive energy during the whole session. Her recap and photos were spot on. And her recommendations were doable and to the point. I can't wait to schedule a follow up session.โ€
Andrea B. Arroyo Grande, CA

โ€œEbb & Flow Healing provides an amazing service. Nothing feels better than having someone who knows how to work with the energies to get yours flowing right again. Crystal healing is so relaxing, and I always feel 1000 times better than I did before getting my chakras in check! She is experienced and takes time to ensure youโ€™re comfortable. You definitely cannot beat the pricing for these amazing services!โ€
Haley P. Loveland, CO

โ€œVictoria took an extended amount of time to talk with me; to learn about my path, my concerns and challenges and my practice. The space she has created is clear and powerful. Her practice is strong and empathetic. Her gifts are true and manifested. The work she does is a blessing. If you are new to energy work but feeling perhaps drawn and skeptical at the same time, reach out and schedule a session. Victoria will be able to answer your questions and guide you into yourself. If you are experienced in holistic healing modalities explore where Victoriaโ€™s gifts may shed some new understanding. Highly recommended.โ€
Shane R. Loveland, CO

โ€œI really enjoy my sessions with Victoria. It helps me think in a different way. Even when itโ€™s outside of my comfort level the exercises she has me do is something I always remember and when Iโ€™m having anxiety, I go to the resources she gave me to help me get through it.โ€
Krystal P. Northglenn, CO
โ€œIt was a pleasure working with Victoria! She has shown me ways to cope with stress and how to uplift my spirits when I am down!! Victoria teaching me how to cope and make me feel better about myself is definitely what I needed! I really enjoy working with her and I plan to come back for more teachings and coping skills! She's an amazing teacher and friend. She was very professional and honest in everything she was teaching me! I would recommend working with her! She's very easy to communicate with and understands!โ€
Stephanie G. Colorado Springs, CO
"I have found that after my sessions, I am more at peace. I am very much empathic and pick up other people's energies. I always enjoy Victoria's healing sessions and would recommend to anyone out there who is needing extra attention and love at any time you may need extra assistance. I thank you Victoria for your continued support and insight that you provide to us all."
Tanya R. Loveland, CO

โ€œI just wanted to share my experience I had with Victoria when I met with her. She is truly passionate about what she does and the love and knowledge she puts forth is incredible not to mention the amazing energy she gives. She has been helping me through some really hard times and I feel very comfortable being around her and trusting her with the knowledge she provides and expertise. She sits down with you and gets to know what you need and applies it to your sessions. Highly recommended.โ€
Kimberly G. Milliken, CO

โ€œMy sessions with Ebb & Flow are wonderful! I feel so relaxed and spiritually grounded after each one. Victoria loves what she does and is a wonderful person to talk to and learn from. I would definitely recommend her to anyone!โ€
Nicole R. Loveland, CO

"Victoria is very professional during our sessions and what I enjoy the most is that even though this is a client to professional session, she made it feel much more personal and took a lot of the pressure off. Sheโ€™s fantastic!"
Jessie R. Loveland, CO

โ€œVictoria is super patient, respectful, and overall amazing whenever I see her. I was pregnant during a few sessions, and she would always make sure I was hydrated and understanding that I might have to pause the session to use the restroom which was a relief! She is very informative and helped me understand what was happening and overall, very friendly, I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for coaching!โ€
Natasha V. Loveland, CO

โ€œMy distant session with Ebb & Flow Healing were some of the best I've experienced. I never knew it was possible to feel this good and okay with everything around me, and it's all thanks to these sessions. 10/10 would recommendโ€
Jonny J. Austin, TX

"Victoria is willing to hear my challenging truths and help me navigate a path forward, unique to me. Iโ€™ve experienced many eye-opening moments with her during our coaching sessions. The progress has been nothing short of miraculous, Iโ€™m so very thankful to have her support!"
Christina W. Loveland, CO
โ€œI did a distant healing session with the fabulous Victoria. I wasn't sure what I expected but was very happy with the result. I honestly forgot about it, and I believe at the same time that she tuned into me, it hit me like a brick. Oh, what do I have to do? Quick, read her message. I don't have to do anything. I relaxed as I would have if I were with Victoria, and I was absolutely amazed at the outcome. Issues that were going on currently in my world were recognized and I felt so much calmer and better after the session. I highly recommend a distant session in these trying times. Victoria ROCKS!โ€
Julie S. Appleton, WI

โ€œVictoria has such a welcoming energy; she really knows how to connect, and she can really channel the energy! She is intuitive, friendly, loving, and good natured. My session was just what I needed at the time I needed it. I HIGHLY recommend you see Victoria at Ebb & Flow Healing!โ€
Carole F. Berthoud, CO

โ€œMy session with Victoria was absolutely nourishing for me emotionally, mentally, and physically. I'm extremely sensitive and felt my energy expand right after we were done. She's right on point about what I needed to give attention to. Her visions are very peaceful and insightful to hear... very fun and embracing healer. Victoria gave me practical advice with some personal work. Will be scheduling another session in a few weeks!!โ€
Mary N. Loveland, CO
ย ย 
โ€œWow! My first time experiencing this type of healing and I'm amazed. Victoria is a professional, compassionate, and beautiful soul who truly wants to help and heal.โ€
Amanda W. Loveland, CO
โ€œVery wonderful experience! Victoria is very professional and does a fantastic job at identifying energies and giving tips on what you can do to help keep everything in balance. The healing session was awesome, and I definitely recommend people try this out!โ€
Jess R. Loveland, CO
โ€œWhen you meet Victoria, you instantly feel safe. Her love of what she does comes through. I had one of the most amazing experiences. She took the time afterwards to let me know what she saw. It was all spot on. I'll continue with her for more healing.โ€
Casey W. Loveland, CO
โ€œMy experience at Ebb & Flow Healing was nothing short of amazing! If you have the opportunity to work with Victoria, I highly recommend that you take it! She is a gifted healer, and our session was productive, thorough, and very therapeutic. I felt so much more grounded & balanced afterwards. I can't wait for our next session!โ€
Swati D. Denver, CO
โ€œEbb & Flow healing was a great experience. Not knowing what to expect nor how crystal healing would affect my body going in, I came out of a crystal healing feeling re-energized and felt as if I have been woken from a sluggish state to a positive and more fulfilled life. Would recommend Ebb & Flow Healing to everyone. Thank you, Victoria, for the session.โ€
Holly H. Northglenn, CO
โ€œVictoria is a very good healer with a great vibe and attitude.ย I felt completely welcomed and had a fun time with my session.ย I have, and will continue, to recommend Ebb & Flow Healing to others.โ€
Daniel R. Loveland, CO
โ€œEbb & Flow Healing was so rejuvenating, refreshingโ€ฆjust what my body needed!ย Thank you!โ€
Michael J. Loveland, CO
โ€œI just got my Aroma Gem Pillows! The moment these Pillows got into my hands and walked through the door of my house, there was an inviting, welcoming, and calming feeling that came with it! Thank you for taking the time and effort into making these perfect for me! Lord knows I need the healing that comes with them!! Thank you!!!โ€
Haley P. Loveland, CO
โ€œAll of my sessions with Ebb & Flow Healing have been perfect. I am always lighter in spirit and happier in mood. I fully recommend to everyone I know!โ€
Chaunte M. Campbellsville, KY
โ€œWhat an amazing service! Itโ€™s been about two weeks and Iโ€™m still feeling wonderful!โ€
Tasha T. Thornton, CO
โ€œGreat place with great energy. The handwritten note really tops the service. Highly recommended.โ€
Callen G. Loveland, CO
โ€œMy experience was very healing. Left feeling at peace and whole again!โ€
Lydia N. Elizabeth, CO
โ€œAwesome experience!!! Loved everything!โ€
Sheila G. Milliken, CO
โ€œVictoria is amazing at what she does!! She is amazingly accurate at her readings and very compassionate about what you may be going through! I highly recommend having a session with her!!โ€
Mia M. Denver, CO
โ€œI really enjoyed my session with Victoria; she cares about her clients & only wants the best for us. I felt very comfortable & she gave me great information & the tools to continue on my journey in a positive light.โ€
Georgia Y. Fort Collins, CO
โ€œI think Victoria is a Goddess! Had my first Chakra alignment and it was amazing! I was a little skeptical at first, but once the energy started to flow, I was hooked. You have to give her services a try, I promise you won't be let down.โ€
Jeff M. Campbellsville, KY